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Bak Pak® Carbide Knife System
M-2, Karbo Krome®, and Badger Knives / Maximum Profile Depth / Moulder RPM
Bak-Pak® and Euro Bak-Pak Carbide Knife System / Maximum Knife Projection

The Bak-Pak and Euro Bak-Pak carbide knife system is best ground in two steps. The steel backer is first ground to the profile in the same manner that you would grind a steel knife. The carbide blank is then located into the head and ground to the profile.

bakpak diagramBest results are obtained by first grinding the carbide with a 100 to 120 grit diamond wheel and then finish grinding with a grit of 220 to 320 or finer. 3000 RPM will generally give best results when both rough and finish grinding. Be sure to contact a WKW Engineer if you are experiencing any difficulties with the Bak-Pak or Euro Bak-Pak system as many operators have achieved excellent results using widely different grinding techniques.

Best results are obtained with a bevel of 45 degrees on the carbide with a bevel on the steel backer of 50 degrees. Grinding the carbide blank to an angle sharper than 45 degrees will produce a cutting edge that will be prone to chipping and premature wear. See illustration. Several regrinds of the carbide are possible before the blank must be relocated into the next groove.

Jointing may be accomplished by using a 150 - 230 grit aluminum oxide stone. Be sure to follow the machinery manufacturer's recommended procedures.

Balancing is accomplished by balancing the carbide blank and the steel backer together, not as individual pieces. When necessary, grind material off the steel backer rather than off the carbide.