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Knife Material Options & Applications
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M-2 High-Speed Steel Rockwell C 61-63
(Standard Bevel 35°)

Lumber and woodworking plants the world over specify M-2 high-speed steel knives to produce the finest finish cuts in planer, jointer, moulder and tenoner operations. The consistent hardness and high molybdenum content give an excellent edge and allow for easy grinding that is similar to M-3, M-4 and other molybdenum tool steels.

This steel is used for medium to long runs.  When cutting more abrasive material, carbide knives such as WKW's BAK-PAK® are recommended.

OPTI® KNIFE Rockwell C 78
(Standard Bevel 45°)

An exclusive product offered by WKW, this is a knife "specially treated" in a state-of-the-art process that produces an ultra-hard surface that, unlike coating, will not chip, flake or peel.

Opti® is designed for cutting natural woods. When cutting these materials, "Opti®-knife" provides at least 50% longer tool life. In some applications these knives will last several times the life of other tool steels. Opti® grinds with normal abrasives. See our grinding instructions for optimum performance.

KARBO KROME® D-2 Rockwell C 56-58
(Standard Bevel 30°)

Karbo Krome is a high-carbon, high-chrome knife steel for applications where moisture content and acidic conditions are troublesome with other types of steel.  Karbo Krome is not usually recommended for use on dry, hard woods.

BAK PAK® Carbide Knife System
(Standard Bevel 45°)

BAK PAK® works well on man-made materials such as MDF, particleboard, plywood, masonite, glue lines, etc. BAK PAK® is also successfully used on difficult natural woods.

WKW's BAK PAK® carbide knife system is the ideal solution for a multitude of moulding applications from MDF and glued materials to natural woods. Full corrugations and premium C-3 micro grain carbide maximize wear resistance and performance. Total thickness of the carbide and the backer is 10 mm (.394") allowing the system to be used in any 60 degree corrugated head designed for 3/8" or 10mm knives.

BAK PAK® is available in three widths.  38mm for planing or 50mm and 60mm for profile applications.  All three widths are available in 230mm lengths.